Keynote Speaker


Accelerating Scientific Discovery with Quantum Supercomputing

Krysta Svore

Microsoft — Distinguished Engineer and VP of Advanced Quantum Development

KEY07 — Thursday, September 21, 2023 @ 8:00-09:30 Pacific Time (PDT) — UTC-7



Dr. Krysta Svore is passionate about empowering people and organizations around the world with quantum computing and realizing a scaled quantum machine. Her team designs and delivers Azure Quantum, the most diverse cloud platform for quantum research and discovery, and is developing a comprehensive software stack for scalable quantum computing including languages, compilers, and mappings to quantum hardware. Her team designs open software including Q# and QIR. Dr. Svore has published over 70 refereed articles and filed over 30 patents. She is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She won the 2010 Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge with a team of colleagues, received an ACM Best of 2013 Notable Article award, and was recognized as one of Business Insider Most Powerful Female Engineers of 2018. A Kavli fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, she also serves as an advisor to the National Quantum Initiative, the Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee of the Department of Energy, and the ISAT Committee of DARPA, in addition to numerous other quantum centers and initiatives globally.​


From the Iron Age revolutionizing agriculture to the Silicon Age revolutionizing how we communicate, chemistry and materials advances have always created inflection points for societal progress. But understanding nature is challenging; efficient, accurate, and scalable calculations will require the world’s most advanced AI models, together with high-performance cloud computing, and an even bigger transformation: quantum supercomputing. The integration of HPC, AI, and Quantum in the cloud will help scientists solve society’s most pressing challenges like reversing climate change and addressing food insecurity. Ultimately unlocking these solutions requires our industry to advance to a Quantum Supercomputer, capable of 1 million reliable quantum operations per second and at most one error in a trillion operations. And it requires enabling a diverse, global community to rapidly learn and innovate to bring chemistry and quantum computing together. Dr. Svore will share the steps toward a Quantum Supercomputer, and how to measure its performance. She’ll show how Azure Quantum Elements is bringing together advanced AI and HPC , and ultimately quantum supercomputing, to unlock transformative solutions. And how with our universal user interface – natural language – and nature’s foundational language – chemistry – we can usher in a new era of scientific discovery. Innovators can start experimenting with the world’s best quantum hardware in Azure Quantum and get ready to solve more complex problems when quantum supercomputing becomes a reality. Join us in accelerating scientific discovery, together.