Call for BoF Proposals

Scope and Goals

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions or BoFs are informal gatherings of persons interested in a particular topic. The IEEE Quantum Week program will feature scheduled BoF Sessions addressing timely topics of interest on Quantum Computing and Engineering. BoF sessions are lively discussions of 30-45 minutes and are scheduled between the main 90-minutes conference sessions.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Birds-of-Feather session proposals are accepted according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • The potential of the BoF to stimulate discussion on quantum computing and engineering research and practice
  • Expected interest in the BoF’s topic among people in the quantum computing and engineering communities — creating excitement and drawing an audience
  • The credibility of the organizers across several dimensions including knowledge, experience, constructiveness, diversity 
  • Interactive nature of the BoF’s format; will there be interaction with audience
  • Experience and ability of the BoF’s proposers and moderator to organize a highly interactive and stimulating BoF
  • Balance and synergy of the BoF with respect to IEEE Quantum Week 2022 events
  • Abstract of the proposal should be clear, complete, and articulate and ready for publication on the IEEE Quantum Week 2022 website

BoF Proposal Submission Format

Each BoF proposal must conform at the time of submission to the IEEE Formatting Instructions (i.e., title in 24pt font and full text in 10pt type, LaTEX users must use \documentclass[10pt,conference]{IEEEtran} without including the compsoc or compsocconf option). The submission must also comply with the IEEE Policy on Authorship.

Each BoF proposal must include the following sections in one PDF file and in the order specified below. Sections 1-8 must not exceed three (3) pages. Each proposal must be submitted via the EasyChair submission website. The call for papers and proposals can also be found on EasyChair CFPPlease submit ONE PDF file that includes all components of the proposal.

Each proposal must include the following sections, in the order specified below:

  1. BoF title — descriptive and attractive to potential participants.
  2. BoF abstract — 200-250 words to be posted on QCE22 website.
  3. BoF authors — Contact information for all BoF organizers, main BoF contact, BoF moderator.
  4. BoF motivation and objectives — how will this BoF engage the audience and how will the audience benefit.
  5. BoF relevance — relevance to the fields of quantum computing and/or quantum engineering (e.g., relate to QCE22 topics).
  6. BoF proposal — detailed BoF proposal and/or position statements.
  7. BoF audience — what is the target audience — ideally a mix of participation from industry, government, and academia.
  8. BoF biographies — brief biography of each organizer — 200-250 words per organizer to be posted on the QCE22 website.

Important BoF Proposal Submission Requirements

  • All participants, including BoF organizers, invited speakers, and invited guests, must register for the IEEE Quantum Week 2022. By submitting a BoF proposal to IEEE Quantum Week 2022, you are making a commitment to register for the Technical Program and attend the conference upon acceptance of your BoF proposal.
  • Please note, IEEE Quantum Week 2022 cannot guarantee to honor specific requests for holding the BoF on specific dates. 
  • The BoF abstract — title, abstract, and organizers — will be included in the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE22).