Student Industry Mentorship Program

QCE22 Student Industry Mentorship Program
Sponsored by IBM Quantum

Students are invited to participate in a mentoring session on Monday at 9:15-11:00 Mountain Time during which they may ask questions and advice from industry experts from a variety of companies as listed below. This is your opportunity to get expert advice on career next steps, career choices, and insights into working in the industry

Student Industry Mentorship Panelists

Muyuan Li
Quantum Computing
Applications Researcher
IBM Quantum

Caleb Jordan
Quantum Design Engineer

Erik Garcell
Tech. Marketing Manager
Classiq Technologies
Mathias Soeken
Senior Software Engineer
Ben Bloom
Founder and CTO
Atom Computing

Brian Mathewson
R&D Manager

David Pappas
Senior Principal Scientist

Eric Amemiya
Technical Recruiting Manager

Francesco Battistel
Senior Quantum Application Theorist

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