IEEE Quantum Week 2020

COVID-19 Alert — still scheduled as planned

As the worldwide response to COVID-19 expands, the safety and well-being of all conference participants is our top priority. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and post updates for QCE20. All the best to you and your loved ones in these difficult times.

Hausi Müller, QCE20 General Chair

QCE20 COVID-19 Update

IEEE Quantum Week 2020

Call for Tutorial & Workshop Proposals

QCE20 Tutorial & Workshop Proposal deadlines are approaching rapidly. With your contributions and your participation, together we can build a premier meeting to advance quantum computing, engineering, and technology.

Scott Koziol, Bruce Kramer, QCE20 Tutorials Co-Chairs
Kristel Michielsen, Travis Humble, Workshops QCE20 Co-Chairs

Call for Tutorials & Workshops

IEEE Quantum Week 2020

Call for Papers, Tutorials, Workshops

IEEE Quantum Week 2020
is open for submissions
via EasyChair Technical
Papers, Posters, Tutorials,
Workshops & Panels.

Greg Byrd, NC State University
QCE20 Program Board Chair

Call for Contributions

IEEE Quantum Week 2020

Exhibitors, Sponsors & Supporters

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Candace Culhane, LANL
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IEEE Quantum Week 2020

Engage in the Global Conversation

IEEE is at the center of a
global conversation to
understand the power
and promise of
quantum computing.

Travis Humble, ORNL
QCE20 Workshops Co-Chair &
IEEE Quantum Initiative Co-Chair

Press Release Nov 14, 2019

IEEE Quantum Week 2020

Become a Quantum Champion

Become a quantum computing
champion by engaging in
and contributing to
IEEE International Conference on
Quantum Computing & Engineering.

Hausi Müller, University of Victoria
QCE20 General Chair &
IEEE Quantum Initiative Co-Chair

Keynotes & Program

About IEEE Quantum Week

IEEE Quantum WeekIEEE Quantum Week is a multidisciplinary quantum computing venue where attendees will have the unique opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities with quantum researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, students, practitioners, educators, programmers, and newcomers.

IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering invites contributions and participation from the international quantum community to form a world-class program. The multi-faceted event will include a series of keynotes, technical paper presentations, technical briefings, informative tutorials throughout the week, community-building workshops, collocated events, posters, networking receptions, and exhibits featuring the latest technologies and accomplishments from the world’s leading vendors, research organizations, and universities.

IEEE Quantum Week aims to showcase quantum research, practice, applications, standards, education, and training. The extensive topics include quantum programming systems, software engineering methods & tools, algorithms, NISQ, benchmarks & metrology, performance metrics, hardware engineering, architectures, & topologies, hardware-software co-design, software stack & infrastructure, hybrid computing (integrating quantum & classical computing); communications, sensing, cryptography, QKD; simulating chemical, physical and biological systems; quantum photonics & optics; optimization, machine learning, ramping up quantum workforce, nurturing quantum start-ups.


Quantum Week at a Glance

  • Tutorials throughout the week
  • Technical Papers, Workshops
  • Keynotes, Panels, Technical Briefings
  • Exhibits, Receptions, Networking

Proceedings & Best Papers

  • Papers accepted by IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing & Engineering (QCE20) will be submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
  • The best papers will be invited to the journals IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering (TQE) and ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing (TQC).
  • QCE20 will award one Best Paper Award for each of the eight Technical Program Tracks. The award for a QCE20 Best Paper will be presented in the plenary session of the morning keynote on the day the paper is being presented.

Keynote Speakers

Michelle Simmons
Michelle Simmons
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Jerry M. Chow, IBM Research
Jerry M. Chow
IBM Research
Anne Matsuura is the Director of Quantum Applications and Architecture at Intel Labs
Anne Matsuura
Intel Labs
Alán Aspuru-Guzik
Alán Aspuru-Guzik
University of
Krysta Svore, Microsoft Quantum (QuArC)
Krysta Svore, Microsoft Quantum, QuArC
Kae Nemoto, NII, Japan
Kae Nemoto, National Institute for Informatics (NII), Japan
Jake Taylor, NIST
Jake Taylor,
and NIST
Patty Lee, Honeywell Quantum Solutions
Patty Lee,

Quantum Week Venue

Omni Interlocken Hotel & Resort
Denver – Broomfield

Omni Interlocken Hotel with Rocky Mountains

Omni Interlocken Hotel Pool and Golf

Financial Co-Sponsors

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Communications Society

IEEE Council on Superconductivity

IEEE Photonics Society

Technical Co-Sponsors

IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS)

Platinum Exhibitors & Sponsors

IBM Q Experience

Microsoft Quantum

Honeywell Quantum

Silver Exhibitors &


NC State University

Intel Labs


Toptica Photonics



ORNL Quantum Computing Institute

University of Victoria


IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering (TQE)

Call for Contributions and Papers


Exhibitor and supporter landing page
Exhibitor and supporter brochure

IEEE Quantum Week will provide attendees the unique opportunity to see the latest quantum technologies that will shape our exciting quantum future. Exhibits will feature the latest quantum technologies and accomplishments from the world’s leading companies, start-ups, national labs, research institutes, and universities. Exhibits are a great opportunity to showcase emerging products, tools, services, and posters. The Quantum Week exhibits will feature daily receptions to facilitate networking with participants of the rapidly growing quantum computing community.

Technical Papers

Call for technical papers
EasyChair technical paper submission

IEEE Quantum Week aims to be a leading venue for presenting high-quality original research, groundbreaking innovations, and compelling insights in quantum computing and technologies. Technical papers are peer-reviewed and can be on any topic related to quantum computing and its technologies.


Call for posters
EasyChair poster submission

The IEEE Quantum Week Posters program presents excellent opportunities for practitioners, researchers, graduate students, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to showcase their work and engage with the international quantum computing R&D community during the IEEE Quantum Week Exhibits.


Call for tutorial proposals
EasyChair tutorial proposal submission

The shortage of skilled labor is one of the quantum computing sector’s greatest challenges. The week-long tutorials program, with half- and full-day tutorials by leading experts, is aimed squarely at workforce development and training considerations. The exclusive hands-on tutorials are ideally suited to develop quantum champions for industry, academia, government, and build expertise for emerging quantum ecosystems.


Call for workshop proposals
EasyChair workshop proposal submission

IEEE Quantum Week Workshops provide forums for small-group discussions on topics in quantum research, practice, education, and applications. Workshops provide opportunities for researchers to exchange and discuss scientific and engineering ideas at an early stage before they have matured to warrant a conference or journal publication. In this manner, an IEEE Quantum Week workshop serves as an incubator for a scientific community to form a research roadmap or share a research agenda. Workshops are the key to sustaining, growing and evolving IEEE Quantum Week in the future.


Call for panel proposals
EasyChair panel proposal submission

IEEE Quantum Week aims to facilitate enlightening and impactful discussions among experts on different perspectives of quantum topics including hardware-software co-design, hybrid computing, quantum information science and programming education and training, or frontiers of quantum algorithms.

Quantum Week Topics

Quantum Computing

Quantum programming, software engineering; quantum advantage; development environments, languages & tools; software stack & infrastructure; hybrid computing; adiabatic computing; hardware-software co-design; quantum simulators; checking quantum computers

Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Computation & Quantum Information

Quantum information science; NISQ algorithms; quantum supremacy; algorithms & complexity; theoretical & empirical algorithm analysis; adiabatic annealing; Hamiltonian dynamics

Quantum Applications & Simulating Nature

NISQ applications; simulations of chemical, biological & physical systems; quantum chemistry & materials; optimization problems—transportation, supply chain & logistics; AI and decision making; medicine & precision health; financial modeling, services & portfolio management; manufacturing & mining; machine learning & big data analytics

Quantum Engineering

Quantum computers, hardware & NISQ; superconducting & trapped ion circuits; topological& silicon spin qubits; quantum dots; connectivity & topology; connectivity & topology, quantum error correction

Quantum Benchmarks & Measurements

Quantum Benchmarks & Measurements — Quantum measures & benchmarks, quantum volume & fidelity; quantum metrology; gate & measurement errors; connectivity & topology; quantum error correction; randomized benchmarking; quantum control; quantum standards

Quantum Communications, Sensing & Cryptography

Communications theory; quantum internet; quantum signal processing; quantum error correction & mitigation; coding theory; quantum security & privacy; quantum cryptography & quantum key distribution (QKD), post-quantum cryptography; teleportation

Quantum Photonics & Optics

Photonics information technologies; photonics quantum computing; quantum integrated photonics; quantum photonics devices; optical quantum communications theory; optical coherence; silicon quantum photonics

Quantum Education & Training

Ramping up quantum workforce; undergraduate & graduate courses in quantum computing, information science, algorithms, applications; quantum standards; quantum teachers training; quantum summer schools; quantum ecosystems