Call for Contributions

Call for Workshop Proposals

IEEE Quantum Week Workshops provide opportunities for researchers, practitioners, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, students, educators, programmers, and newcomers to exchange and discuss scientific and engineering ideas Thus, an IEEE Quantum Week workshop serves as a forum for common interests or as an incubator for a scientific community to form or share a research roadmap. Workshops are the key to sustaining, growing, and evolving the multidisciplinary IEEE Quantum Week in the future.

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Call for Tutorial Proposals

The shortage of skilled labor is one of the quantum computing sector’s greatest challenges. The week-long tutorials program, with tutorials by leading experts, is aimed squarely at workforce development and training considerations. The tutorials are ideally suited to develop quantum champions for industry, academia, government, and build expertise for emerging quantum ecosystems. IEEE Quantum Week will cover a broad range of topics in quantum computing and engineering including a lineup of fantastic hands-on tutorials on programming and applications.

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Call for Technical Papers

IEEE Quantum Week aims to be a leading venue for presenting high-quality original research, ground-breaking innovations, and compelling insights in quantum computing and engineering. Technical papers are peer-reviewed and can be on any topic related to the following tracks:
• Quantum Algorithms (QALG)
• Quantum Applications (QAPP)
• Quantum Technologies and Systems Engineering (QTEM)
• Quantum Photonics (QPHO)
• Quantum System Software (QSYS)
• Quantum System Software (QSYS)
• Quantum Machine Learning (QML)
• Quantum Networking & Communications (QNET)

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Call for Poster Proposals

The IEEE Quantum Week Posters program presents excellent opportunities for graduate students, undergraduate students, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to showcase their work and engage with the international quantum computing R&D community during IEEE Quantum Week. Posters are intended to stimulate discussions of recent advances, experiences, and challenges in quantum computing and engineering.

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Call for Panel Proposals

IEEE Quantum Week aims to facilitate enlightening and impactful discussions among experts on different perspectives of quantum computing and engineering. The goal is to gather a set of diverse researchers and practitioners in sharing their insightful perspectives and engaging the broader community in a dialogue.

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Call for BoF Proposals

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions or BoFs are informal gatherings of persons interested in a particular topic. The IEEE Quantum Week program will feature scheduled BoF Sessions addressing timely topics of interest on Quantum Computing and Engineering.

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