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IEEE Quantum Week Panels feature enlightening and impactful discussions among experts on different perspectives of quantum computing and engineering. Panel topics include but are not limited to hardware-software co-design, hybrid quantum-classical computing, quantum advantage, quantum applications, post-quantum cryptography, fault-tolerant quantum computers, quantum error correction, quantum systems engineering, quantum programming education & training, quantum workforce training, or frontiers of quantum information science & algorithms. The panelists, a set of diverse researchers and practitioners, aim to share their insightful perspectives and engage the broader community in a stimulating dialogue. 

Panels Co-Chairs and Contacts

14 Stimulating Panels 

Date & Time

PAN IDPanel OrganizersPanel Title
Mon, Sep 16 @ 10:00–11:30PAN01Edward Kluender: Zurich Instruments, Pranav Mundada: Q-CTRL, Kyle Serniak: MIT Lincoln Lab, David Rivas: Rigetti, Ali Javadi-Abhari: IBM ResearchScaling Quantum Computers: A Full Stack View of the Roadmap Towards 1000’s of Qubits
Mon, Sep 16 @ 13:00–14:30PAN02Rowen Wu: Q-CTRLUnlocking Quantum Utility: Navigating the Era of Useful Quantum Computation
Mon, Sep 16 @15:00–16:30PAN03

Davide Venturelli: USRA NASA QuAIL

The Next NISQ Phase

Tue, Sep 17 @ 10:00–11:30PAN04Lauren Ryan, Peter Sigrist, Jenni Strabley: Quantinuum and MicrosoftHow Microsoft and Quantinuum Built on Decades of Research to Achieve the Most Reliable Logical Qubits on Record
Tue, Sep 17 @13:00–14:30PAN05

Shohini Ghose: Quantum Algorithms Institute & Wilfrid Laurier University

Shaping the Quantum Future: Canada’s National Quantum Strategy

Tue, Sep 17 @ 15:00–16:30PAN06Dorit Aharonov: Qedma, Kenneth Brown: Duke UniversityThe Role of Error Suppression, Mitigation and Correction in Reaching the First Algorithmic Quantum Advantages
Wed, Sep 18 @ 10:00–11:30PAN07

Heloise Pajot: EDF, Jeremy Renshaw: EPRI, Etienne Décossin: EDF, Rima Oueid: US DOE, Valerian Giesz: Quandela

Powering Tomorrow: Real-world Quantum Applications for the Energy Industry

Wed, Sep 18 @ 13:00–14:30PAN08Lorenzo Leandro, Gilad Ben Sach: Quantum MachinesOpen Stack: Under the Hood of Quantum Computers
Wed, Sep 18 @ 15:00–16:30PAN09Tommaso Demarie: Entropica Labs, Joe Fitzsimons: Horizon Quantum, Jing Hao Chai: Entropica Labs, Joan Camps: Riverlane, Théau Peronnin: Alice&Bob, Guillaume Dauphinais: XanaduThe Progress and Challenges towards Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing
Thu, Sep 19 @ 10:00–11:30PAN10Aaliyah Fowler: IBM Quantum, Marina Caputo: IBM Quantum, Kallie Ferguson: Unitary Fund, Lauren Ryan: QuantinuumEffective DEIA Requires Accountability
Thu, Sep 19 @ 13:00–14:30PAN11Benjamin Crockett: INRS, Sarah Jenna: QV Studio, Francesco Bova: University of Toronto, Mike DeArmond: Thorlabs, Daniel Renner: Atacama Optics & Electronics, Valérian Giesz: Quandela, Matthew Posner: Axonal NetworksAre Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Still Needed for Quantum Technology Development?

Thu, Sep 19 @ 13:00–14:30


Lorenzo Leandro: Quantum Machines, Elise Jennings: ParTec

Quantum Software Stack: A Quest for Technological Maturity

Thu, Sep 19 @ 15:00–16:30


Indermohan Monga: LBNL, Wenji Wu: LBNL, Saikat Guha: University of Arizoa, Eden Figueroa: Stonybrook UniversityQuantum Network Testbeds: Towards Practical Deployment of Quantum Networks
Fri, Sep 20 @ 10:00–11:30


Benjamin Sussman: University of Ottawa, Lucia Caspani: University of InsubriaRecent Advances in Quantum Photonics
Fri, Sep 19 @13:00–14:30


Shival Dasu, Elijah Durso-Sabina: QuantinuumWhat does 'Break-Even' Mean?