Tutorials Program

Tutorials Scope and Goals

The shortage of skilled labor is one of the quantum computing sector’s greatest challenges. The week-long tutorials program, with tutorials by leading experts, is aimed squarely at workforce development and training considerations. The tutorials are ideally suited to develop quantum champions for industry, academia, government, and build expertise for emerging quantum ecosystems. IEEE Quantum Week will cover a broad range of topics in quantum computing and engineering including a lineup of fantastic hands-on tutorials on programming and applications.

Tutorials Co-Chairs and Contacts

Tutorials Program

  • Dates: Sunday – Friday, September 15-20, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 – 16:30 Eastern Time (EDT) — UTC-4
  • Duration: Each tutorial is 3 hours (2 sessions of 1.5 hours)

35 Workforce-Building Tutorials

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Tutorial Presenters

Tutorial Title

Sep 15 Sun

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut01">TUT01</a>

Jakub Szefer: Yale University

Security of Quantum Computing Systems

Sep 15 Sun

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut02">TUT02</a>

Serwan Asaad, Berk Diler Kovos, Lorenzo Leandro, Yoav Romach, Nir Alfasi, Tom Dvir and Yonatan Cohen: Quantum Machines

Qubit Characterization and Automatic Calibration of a Real Device

Sep 15 Sun

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut03">TUT03</a>

Brajesh Gupt and Sebastian Stern: Amazon Web Services

Practical Aspects of Variational Quantum Algorithm Development with Amazon Braket

Sep 15 Sun

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut04">TUT04</a>

Hiu Yung Wong, San Jose State University

Imran Bashir: Equal1 Labs Inc.

Electrical Circuit and Qubit Interactions in Silicon and Superconducting Qubits

Sep 15 Sun

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut04">TUT04</a>

Demitry Farfurnik: North Carolina State University

Relaxation and Decoherence of Open Quantum Systems

Sep 15 Sun

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut06">TUT06</a>

Victor Drouin-Touchette, Hossein Sadeghi: PASQAL

Pulse-level Programming of Neutral Atom Devices using Pulser

Sep 16 Mon

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut07">TUT07</a>

Irfan Khan: Quantinuum

Shival Dasu: Quantinuum

Using and Benefiting from Unique H-Series Features

Sep 16 Mon

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut08">TUT08</a>

Lukas Burgholzer: Technical University of Munich

Jorge Echavarria: Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

Martin Schulz: Technical University of Munich

Laura Schulz: Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

Robert Wille: Technical University of Munich

Building Efficient Software Stacks for Quantum Computers: Experiences from the Munich Quantum Software Stack

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut09">TUT09</a>

Abhi Rajagopala, Neelay Fruitwala, Yilun Xu, Gang Huang, Kasra Nowrouzi: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Hands-On QubiC: An Open-Source Mid-Circuit Measurement and Feedforward capable Quantum Control System

Sep 16 Mon

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut10">TUT10</a>

Mariana Bernagozzi, Bryce Fuller, Jessie Yu, Jennifer Glick: IBM Quantum

Building Quantum Workflows using Composable Software within the Qiskit Patterns Framework

Sep 16 Mon

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut11">TUT11</a>

Felix Beaudoin, Pericles Philippopoulos, Raphael Prentki, Hong Guo: Nanoacademic Technologies Inc.

Quantum-Technology Computer-Aided Design of Spin Qubits in Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Sep 16 Mon

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut12">TUT12</a>

Mariia Mykhailova, Alexander Chocron, Alexis Mills: Microsoft

Using Copilot in Scientific Research and Development Workflows

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut13">TUT13</a>

Ramon Szmuk, Oded Wertheim, Dean Poulos, Yaniv Kurman, Lorenzo Leandro: Quantum Machines

Benedikt Dorschner, Sam Stanwyck: NVIDIA

Avishai Ziv, Yonatan Cohen: Quantum Machines

Tightly Integrating GPUs and QPUs for Quantum Error Correction and Optimal Control

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut14">TUT14</a>

Nitin Nayak: University of Lübeck

Manuel Schonberge: Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg

Valter Uotila: University of Helsinki

Zhengtong Yan: University of Helsinki

Sven Groppe: University of Lübeck

Jiaheng Lu: University of Helsinki

Wolfgang Mauerer: Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg

Quantum Annealing: Emerging Exploration for Database Optimization

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut15">TUT15</a>

Marcello Caleffi, Angela Sara Cacciapuoti: University of Naples Federico II

Quantum Internet: Wiring the Weirdness

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut16">TUT16</a>

Ed Younis: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Mathias Weiden: University of California, Berkeley

Wim Lavrijsen: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Costin Iancu: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Compiling Resource-Efficient Programs with BQSKit

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut17">TUT17</a>

Pedro Lopes: University of Maryland & QuEra Computing Inc.

Jonathan Wurtz: QuEra Computing Inc.

Alexei Bylinskii: QuEra Computing Inc.

Wan-Hsuan Lin: UCLA

Hardware-aware Design of Algorithms and Error-correction Codes with Neutral Atoms

Sep 17 Tue

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut18">TUT18</a>

Anette Messinger, Michael Fellner: ParityQC

Parity Encoding as a Circuit Transpilation Tool

Sep 18 Wed

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut19">TUT19</a>

Mariia Mykhailova, Alexis Mills: Microsoft

Using Azure Quantum Development Kit for Quantum Algorithm Development and Resource Estimation

Sep 18 Wed

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut20">TUT20</a>

Matthias Moeller, Merel Schalkers, Calin Georgescu: Delft University of Technology

Algorithms for Quantum Boltzmann Methods

Sep 18 Wed

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut21">TUT21</a>

Sara Sussman, Sho Ueumura, Gustavo Cancelo: Fermilab

The QICK: Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit

Sep 16 Mon

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut22">TUT22</a>

Valentin Senicourt, Alexandre Fleury: SandboxAQ

Exploring Chemistry Workflows for Current and Future Quantum Computers with Tangelo

Sep 18 Wed

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut23">TUT23</a>

Pranav Mundada, Michael Hush, Natasha Sachdeva: Q-CTRL

Error Suppression: Unlock the Potential of your Quantum Applications

Sep 18 Wed

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut24">TUT24</a>

Jonas Stein: LMU Munich

Leonhard Hoelscher: BMW Group

Georgios Chnitids: BMW Group

Lukas Mueller: BMW Group

Sebastian Feld: Delft University of Technology

Introduction and Application of Quantum Simulation-Based Optimization

Sep 19 Thu

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut25">TUT25</a>

Bob Coecke: Quantinuum

Lia Yeh: University of Oxford

Thomas Cervon: Quantinuum

From Quantum in Pictures to Interpretable Quantum NLP

Sep 19 Thu

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut26">TUT26</a>

Oscar Wallis, Francesca Schiavello, Edoardo Altamura, Stefano Mensa,Emre Sahin, David Galvin: STFC Hartree Centre

Qiskit Machine Learning for Practical Applications

Sep 19 Thu

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut27">TUT27</a>

Monica Van Dieren, Jin-Sung Kim: NVIDIA

Introduction to CUDA-Q and Distributed Quantum Computing Part 1

Sep 19 Thu

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut28">TUT28</a>

Ali Javadi, David Kremer, Paul Nation: IBM Quantum

Performant Transpilation of Utility-Scale Quantum Circuits

Sep 19 Thu

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut29">TUT29</a>

Juliette Peyronnet: Alice&Bob

Can Cat Qubits Serve as a the Basis for Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing? Plans and Progress

Sep 19 Thu

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut30">TUT30</a>

Purva Thakre: Southern Illinois University

Brian Goldsmith, Jordan Sullivan, Nathan Shammah: Unitary Fund, USA

Interoperable Quantum Error Mitigation for Tomorrow's Quantum Computing Stack

Sep 20 Fri

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut31">TUT31</a>

Kevin Mato, Robert Wille: Technical University of Munich

Qubits, Qudits, and Beyond: Exploring the Potential of Mixed-Dimensional Quantum Computing

Sep 20 Fri

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut32">TUT32</a>

Jun Qi: Hong Kong Baptist University

Ying-Jer Kao: National Taiwan University

Samuel Yen-Chi Chen: Wells Fargo

Mohammadreza Noormandipour: Nokia Bell Labs

Quantum Tensor Networks in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Sep 20 Fri

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut33">TUT33</a>

Haimeng Zhang, Pedro Rivero, Swarnadeep Majumder: IBM Quantum

Quantum Error Mitigation at Utility Scales

Sep 20 Fri

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut34">TUT34</a>

Monica Van Dieren, Jin-Sung Kim: NVIDIA

Introduction to CUDA-Q and Distributed Quantum Computing Part 2

Sep 20 Fri

<a href="https://qce.quantum.ieee.org/2024/program/tutorials-abstracts/#tut35">TUT35</a>

Pawel Kulik: Warsaw University of Technology

Aniket S. Dalvi: Duke University

Andrew Van Horn: Duke University

Tomasz Przywozki: Warsaw University of Technology

Mikolaj Sowinski: Warsaw University of Technology

Experiment Control with the ARTIQ/DAX Control Ecosystem