QCE Steering Committee

Hausi Müller
University of Victoria
QCE24 Program Board Chair
QCE23/21/20 General Chair
QCE22 Finance Chair
QCE Steering Committee Chair
Candace Culhane
Los Alamos National Laboratory
QCE24 General Chair
QCE23 Panels Chair
QCE21/20 Finance Chair
Travis Humble
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
QCE23 Panels Chair
QCE21 Workshops Chair
Chair IEEE Quantum Initiative
Luu Nguyen
Psi Quantum
QCE23 Workshops Chair
Chair IEEE Quantum Initiative
Greg Byrd
NC State University
QCE23-24 Finance Chair
QCE22 General Chair
QCE20-21 Program Board Chair
Bert de Jong
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
QCE23 Algorithms Co-Chair
QCE22  Program Board Chair
Yuri Alexeev
Argonne National Laboratory
QCE23 Program Board Co-Chair
Andrea Delgado
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
QCE23 Program Board Co-Chair
Scott Koziol
Baylor University
QCE24/23/22 Publications Chair
QCE21 Tutorials Chair
Rafael Sotelo
University of Montevideo
QCE24/23 Publicity Chair
CToc Rep
Carmen Saliba
IEEE Computer Society
QCE21-23 Event Manager
Silvia Ceballos
IEEE Computer Society
Director, Conference Operations
Michelle Tubb
IEEE Computer Society
Director, Sales & Marketing
Melissa Russell
IEEE Computer Society
Executive Director, Computer Society
Kathy Grise
IEEE Future Directions
Quantum Initiative

IEEE Program Director
William Tonti
IEEE Future Directions
Director, Future Directions
Michael Brodsky
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
IEEE Photonics Society Rep
Lajos Hanzo
University of Southampton
IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) & Signal Processing Society (SP) Rep
Paul Berger
The Ohio State University
Electron Devices Society (EDS) Rep
Andy Chen
Redds Capital
IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) Rep
Britton Plourde
Syracuse University
IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC) Rep
Bruce Kraemer
IEEE Quantum Initiative
Standards Rep
Reena Dayal Yadav
Quantum Ecosystems Technology Council of India
QCE23 BoF & Publicity Chair
India & IEEE Region 10 Rep
Elena Yndurain
QunaSys, Japan
Japan & IEEE Region 10 Rep
Enrico Prati
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
IEEE Region 8 Rep